Personal Injury

Tampa Bay Med provides our patients with a complete array of health-care services for accidental injuries.

Our Providers Will:

  • Perform initial exams and evaluations. We are very adept at in recognizing and accessing your injuries.
  • Work with you to diagnose or rule out any potentially serious conditions that may result from the accident.
  • Prescribe treatments, prescriptions and diagnostic exams.
  • Physical Therapy – We work to stabilize your injuries to prevent any further damage.
  • Focus on helping to alleviate any pain or discomfort from your injury.

Depending on your injuries and your needs, we can also provide referrals to:

  • Pain management doctors
  • Specialists
  • Physical therapists

We advise on a treatment plan that will best help you recover and help you navigate the insurance and paperwork. The sooner you contact us after an accident, the sooner we can help, so call us right away!